The FedElecTag Platform: Improving Driver Behavior with Feedback

Everyone starts out knowing how to drive safely and responsibly. Over time though, people develop bad habits. If not pointed out and modified, these can lead to an accident. Even when a driver is not directly at fault, bad habits like tailgating can reduce a driver’s ability to avoid an accident and certainly increase the likelihood of one. Read more

The FedElecTag Platform: A Technology-Based Hierarchy of Needs Adaptation

There is not now and never will be a technology that is “alive” in the same sense that people are alive. Even artificial intelligence (AI), as powerful as it may eventually become, can never come alive. That’s obvious, so you might find it strange that one of the world’s best known psychological theories applies just as well to people as it does to technology. Read more

The FedElecTag Business Case: A Compelling Value Proposition for the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF)

We’ve all heard the stories. Someone with an innovative idea finds themselves in an elevator with a CEO/Venture Capitalist/Angel Investor. They deliver a spellbinding pitch and walk away with funding to develop a world-changing product.

Read more

The FedElecTag and Blockchain Technology: A Powerful Solution for National Security

The Federal Government Electronic Tag platform (FedElecTag) and Federal Fleet Business Transformation (FFBT) is a Federal employee-inspired initiative that has since evolved into a project that can save millions of dollars across dozens of Federal agencies. It aims to help managers, users, and other stakeholders within the Federal fleet community to modernize and streamline fleet management protocols, processes, and systems. Read more