About FedElecTag

The Federal Government Electronic Tag Platform (FedElecTag for short) is a patented new way to revolutionize registration plates and regulate the use of vehicles.

The FedElecTag Platform is an e-License plate and telematics solution which uses a three-step security protocol to confirm a driver’s identity:

  • Step 1: Authorization – PIV Credential
  • Step 2: Authentication – Mobile App
  • Step 3: Actualization – FedElecTag

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Our Goal

We’re at a crossroads when it comes to innovation in government. It’s time to move into the future with new systems that move us away from paper-heavy, nonintegrated processes and into a world of efficiency, consistency and safety.

Our goal is to improve security, reduce cost and improve performance with fleet management modernization. The FedElecTag makes it easy for fleets to fulfill their mission.

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